What does it mean to partner with TKC in Kindness?

Powerful Partnerships are the foundation of getting things done and spreading kindness. We are constantly building community-beneficial relationships with local businesses to increase successful and effective efforts, with area nonprofits to help each organization realize their Mission in community, and with municipalities in caring for residents.  We willingly agree to share and rely on each other’s resources, knowledge, expertise, networks, infrastructure, social media messaging, advertising, and physical space (when possible) to serve the community with kindness better than we can on our own! 

Nonprofit Members

Member nonprofits tend to specialize in specific areas of support or engagement in the community. They work in partnership with TKC when appropriate, relevant, and possible which may include projects, programs, classes, workshops, donation collection, virtual outreach efforts and other opportunities where the partnership is prudent and would make a stronger positive impact on the community. 

Member nonprofits may also serve as community drop-off points for the goods and food TKC may be collecting for a specific effort.

If your nonprofit organization is interested in becoming a Powerful Partner Nonprofit Member, contact Alex Bromberg  [email protected]

Community Giving Tree (CGT)

Serving children and families

Merrimack Valley Dream Center (MVDC)

Serving people struggling with homelessness

Ruth's House

Providing clothing and home decor low-income individuals (thrift store model)

THE YMCA (Andover/North Andover)

Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility


Businesses that operate in our region are as worthy of kindness as anyone else. They also have unique abilities and resources to help engage in kindness in our community in meaningful ways!

Our Business Together program recognizes this.  

We work to connect the dots and create dynamic partnerships with businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley to serve the community in ways that make an incredibly positive impact for the people of our region.

Kind Business Partnerships


In March 2021, the Town of North Andover became the first TKC municipal partner. Our relationship and collaborative efforts with towns and cities throughout the region allow us to have more effective and dynamic access in supporting and engaging the citizens of that community.